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Answers to Life’s Deepest Questions, Season 2 (Romans 6-11)
In the pages of the most influential letter ever written, the Apostle Paul summarizes the history of the universe as we know it.  In Romans, we find answers to life’s deepest and most difficult questions:  Why is the world so messed up and broken?  What’s wrong with being religious?  What are the dangers of being good?  Can anyone plead ignorance on the Day of Judgment?  How can I have peace with God?  Who can hold me together when my world is falling apart?  How can I get along better with people?  

SEPTEMBER 7 >> Looking Back
[Romans 1 - 5]
There will be an opportunity to partake in communion.
SEPTEMBER 14 >> Sin Ain't Gonna Reign No More!
[Romans 6:1-14]
SEPTEMBER 21 >> You Gotta Serve Somebody
[Romans 6:15-23]

SEPTEMBER 28 >> Torn Between Two Lovers
[Romans 7:1-6]
OCTOBER 5 >> Is the Law Bad?
[Romans 7:7-12] There will be an opportunity to partake in communion.

OCTOBER 12 >> The War Within
[Romans 7:13-25]

OCTOBER 19 >> Free at Last
[Romans 8:1-11]
OCTOBER 26 >> Here We Groan Again
[Romans 8:12-17]

NOVEMBER 2 >> Here We Groan Again, Again
[Romans 8:18-25]

NOVEMBER 9 >> Worship in Song, Scripture, Communion, and Prayer

NOVEMBER 16 >> When It's OK Not to Pray
[Romans 8:26-30]

NOVEMBER 23 >> A Celebration of Security
[Romans 8:31-39]
NOVEMBER 30 >> Let God Be God!
[Romans 9]

DECEMBER 7 >> How Stuff Works
[Romans 10]
There will be an opportunity to partake in communion.

DECEMBER 14 >> Are We There Yet?
[Romans 11]

DECEMBER 21 >> What Is the Solution?
[Romans 11:33-36]


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