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MexiGO! 2014

Mexico Team Report

We sent a team of 35 people to Ensenada, Mexico from August 3-9, 2014 where they conducted a Vacation Bible School program at a local church and built houses for two families. More than 65 children attended VBS at La Iglesia Fuego Del Dios where they played games, enjoyed refreshments, made crafts, and heard the Good News about Jesus. On the final day, many of these children prayed aloud to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Both houses were completed and dedicated to the Lord on Thursday afternoon as team members gathered in a circle to share Bible verses, words of encouragement and tears of joy with the Nieto-Navarro family (husband and wife with an infant child) and the Martinez-Perez family (a single mom with two children). Thanks to the hard work of our Mexico team along with your prayer and generous financial support, these two beautiful families in Mexico are sleeping tonight in two beautifully built and decorated, safe, and comfortable homes. To God be the glory!

Hear from Tracy Kiffe about her experience in Mexico:

This was my first mission trip and what made it special for me was that I got to take my 7 year old son (Kaeden) with me and watch him experience it for the first time as well.  We both had different highlights from the week.  Kaeden enjoyed doing the carnival games with the kids and handing out prizes and candy.  I noticed that Kaeden didn't need to know Spanish to have fun interacting with the kids.  Kids will be kids and so they just laughed and played together regardless of language barriers.  He also had fun hammering, painting, and riding in the back of the truck.  He also said the breakfast food at Yugo was amazing and if he wasn't eating, sleeping, or showering, then he was playing foosball every second he could.   

For me, I really enjoyed getting to know the team that I was working with.  By the end of the week I felt like we were one big family.  I turned my phone off all week and since I was unable to communicate with my husband and own relatives, I became very connected to the team.  I also learned that you have to be very flexible on mission trips and that it's okay to have a change in plans and just go with the flow.  The worship time led by the Yugo staff was awesome.  I liked starting and ending the day with worshiping.  It really put things into perspective for me--why we were there and how God was using us.  Another highlight that comes to mind is what I witnessed after the house we were working on was complete.  I remember walking into the house to say goodbye to Norma, the single mom about my age who was the new owner of the home.  Before I could get her attention I stood in the doorway and watched as she and her 11 year old daughter were unpacking a bag they had brought of clothes.  They had smiles on their faces and we're very excited to be in their own home.  It was neat to see the joy on their faces and made all the hard work worth it.  Overall, we had a wonderful experience.  I would love to go again and invite others now that I know what it's like.


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